The Top Dry Herb Vaporizer Kits

There are many dry herb vaporizers on the market. Each one has its own unique selling point and all of them enhance the experience of smoking dry herbs as opposed to nicotine.

When one is new to the world of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers they won’t find a better starter kit than the AGO G5. The first thing to note about this product is that even though it falls under the category of vaporizers it uses combustion to heat up the dry herbs. Vaporizing dry herbs using this kit is possible, but it requires some extra work. If a mesh screen measuring ¼” is added to the bottom of the chamber the dry herbs will be heated rather than burned. Another way to prevent the herbs from getting burned is to put some drops of e-liquid into the chamber and mix it with the herbs.

Another of the top dry herb vaporizer kits is the SEEGO Vhit Elegant Dry Herb Vaporizer Kit with Mechanical Mod. One of the biggest selling points of this kit is that it is equipped with water percolation capabilities. The coil in this kit is shaped like a mosquito, which provides a larger surface area that can be used to heat up the inserted herbs. While this vaporizer is not exactly portable it is of such high quality that many active smokers still prefer it over a portable one.

The Encore Dry Herb and Oil Vaporizer kit is another of the top choices for many smokers. Complete with a lifetime warranty this is often the only kit an electronic cigarette smoker will ever need. The way this vaporizer is built it can fully heat dry herbs to a temperature as high as 350 degrees in only 10 seconds or less. The heating chamber in this vaporizer uses the radial method of heating to evenly distribute the dry herbs within the chamber itself. Some of the dry herbs that smokers most commonly use in this vaporizer are:

  • Thyme

  • Tobacco Leaf

  • Clary sage

  • Peppermint

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary

  • Passion flower

  • Lemon balm

  • Damiana

In addition to these dry herbs this vaporizer kit includes an oil attachment that can heat up juniper berries, cinnamon bark, clover, sweet orange and ginger.

The Titan Dry Herb Vaporizer is another one of the best on the market. Unlike other vaporizers this one comes with a rechargeable battery, though users also have the option of charging it with a USB cable. The temperature control is digital and users can adjust the temperature of the vaporizer to be anywhere in between 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

All of these are vaporizers for dry herb. All make the experience of vaping easy and fun to do. Regardless of which one a smoker purchases they will be getting a high quality product that will ensure that their herbs or oils are heated but are not burned.

The Rise of Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

Smokers down under are now turning to electronic cigarettes after their huge rush of popularity throughout the United States. In general, younger residents of Australia are more likely to pick up an electronic cigarette than older residents. Like anywhere else, young people in Australia want to do the trendy things that they see their friends doing, and lately one of them has become smoking electronic cigarettes.

Aside from the trendiness of smoking electronic cigarettes Australians are turning to them for the same reason Americans have; there are so many more options at a smoker’s disposal when it comes to electronic cigarettes than when it comes to traditional cigarettes. Many smokers throughout the country choose the brand they smoke based on the flavors that a particular brand manufactures.

Another reason that a growing number of younger Australians are smoking electronic cigarettes is because they don’t have to pay the taxes that they have to pay on tobacco based cigarettes. Over the course of the last few years Australians have found themselves paying upwards of the American equivalent of $20 per pack. The Australian government has publicly admitted that the reason they have raised the cost of buying a pack of cigarettes is that they want to discourage as many people as possible from smoking. The government has been especially focused on deterring younger residents from smoking despite the fact that all increasing the price of a pack of cigarettes has done is drive young people to smoke electronic cigarettes instead.

As Australia’s government has continued to discourage people from smoking they have found that their tax revenue on cigarettes has greatly decreased. One could make the argument that by attempting to discourage people from smoking the Australian government is simply making them suffer in other ways, such as spending more money for the cigarettes they insist on having.

In 2013 at the same time that the Australian government was increasing the cost of a pack of cigarettes they had banned the sales of electronic cigarettes throughout the country. A few years prior to this only 20% of Australians were even familiar with electronic cigarettes, what they are and how they work. In an online survey that ran from 2010 to 2011 ¾ of the people who responded said they had been smoking electronic cigarettes because they could smoke them in public places where traditional cigarettes can’t be smoked.

This is likely one of the main reasons why younger residents of Australia have begun to embrace smoking electronic cigarettes. Young people looking to rebel against the government often see smoking electronic cigarettes as an effective way to do so.

As electronic cigarette use continues to grow in Australia only time will tell if the trend becomes as widespread as it has become in the United States throughout recent years. Smokers in Australia may quietly follow in the footsteps of Americans when it comes to taking up the habit of smoking electronic cigarettes rather than tobacco.

Sigelei 75w Box Mod Reviewed

With have been thinking about getting your hands on a vaporizer, but aren’t really quite sure of which one you should move forward with, you’re going to fall in love with the inside information that we have for you below.

You see, vaporizers are becoming the “go to” solution for those that want to discreetly enjoy a bit of smoking – but there are so many different options to pick and choose from. Yes, having endless options is fantastic and definitely better than having to few options, but when you’re flooded with choice you’re going to have a bit of an uphill battle in front you choosing one and only one to go forward with.

Thankfully, if you choose the Sigelei 75 watt mod, you won’t have to worry about any headache or hassle at all. Here’s why.

Relatively compact design doesn’t sacrifice power or performance

The Sigelei 75w box mod is easily one of the most compact and certainly one of the slimmest box mod options on the market today, without compromising any power or performance.

Rather than cut corners like some other box mod producers do to get down into a lower weight class (so to speak), the people behind this particular vaporizer reengineer their technology to fit into a smaller footprint. You are definitely going to appreciate this attention to detail and the almost total overhaul that results in what many consider to be the best box mod on the market right now.

Sigelei 75w Box Mod offers pitch perfect temperature control

Another genius innovation that this particular vaporizer brings to the table has to be the inclusion of infinitely variable temperature control.

Never again are you going to have to worry about burning too hot or burning too low when you decide to fire up your vaporizer, as you’ll be able to fine tune your temperature to an almost impossible to believe degree.

The 75W battery gives you more than enough juice to vaporize pretty much anything and everything you come across, but the temperature control system make sure that you aren’t just ripping through material when you could be going “low and slow” and getting the same – or even better – results.

A hot battery swap on the Sigelei 75 watt Box Mod is effortless

At the end of the day, the odds are pretty good that you are going to have to swap out your battery when using the Sigelei 75 watt Box Mod from time to time.

That’s why it was so important for the people behind this particular box mod to make sure that the battery pack was completely “hot-swappable”, to the point where it isn’t going to cause you any headache or hassle whatsoever to pop the old battery out and slap in a fresh one in less than 30 seconds – all without having to have any tools on hand whatsoever.

It really doesn’t get any more simple or straightforward than that, just another big selling point that helps to catapult the Sigelei 75w Box Mod to the top of the “recommended vaporizer” list!

The Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

For anyone looking to introduce themselves to the wonderful world of electronic cigarettes the best bet is to purchase a starter kit. These kits contain everything a smoker needs to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Of all the electronic cigarette starter kits on the market one of the best is V2 Cigs. More than one million of these electronic cigarettes have been sold to smokers all over the United States. There are a beginner’s starter kit and a standard starter kit for smokers to choose from. While the beginner’s starter kit only has the bare essentials needed to smoke an electronic cigarette the standard starter kits include 10 different flavors of cartridges as well as two batteries, a wall adapter and even a smart charger. There is also a standard plus kit that is one set up from the standard starter kit. The only difference between the standard kit and the standard plus kit is that the standard plus kit includes a carrying case smokers can use to easily transport their V2 Cigs.

Though it has only been on the market for a few years now, VaporFi also provides smokers with one of the best electronic cigarette starter kits. Many smokers prefer VaporFi over any other brand because they are one of the few companies that sell custom blends that smokers can combine to create the flavor of their choice. The company’s express starter kit comes with both a standard and high power battery. It also includes a USB charger and a wall adapter, giving smokers choices when it comes to keeping their electronic cigarette powered up. Those who don’t want a ton of extra accessories often prefer this starter kit over any other.

For more advanced smokers VaporFi also sells the Plus Starter Kit. This kit comes with the highest powered batteries and the highest number of accessories among the competition. The battery that comes with this starter kit has a digital screen on it that makes it easy for smokers to see the display showing the number of puffs left in the electronic cigarette before it has to be refilled.

Another alternative for those who are only interested in the best electronic cigarette starter kits is Green Smoke. The company’s Express Kit includes five cartomizers and a battery as well as a USB adapter, wall charger, carrying case and of course the electronic cigarette itself. The Pro Kit comes with two batteries and 10 cartomizers in addition to the items featured in the Express Kit.

Each of these three electronic cigarette brands is well known among smokers for their excellent starter kits. While there are many starter kits on the market these three are the three that consumers most often prefer over all others. Regardless of which kit a smoker chooses they will be well on their way to enjoying their electronic cigarettes in the comfort of their own home or as they travel all over the world.

New Trends In Marketing Vaporizers

So many retail companies sell vaporizers now that marketing them to the public has become tricky. These companies must come up with a way to make their vaporizers stand out from that of their competitors. In 2015 there are new trends that retailers are embracing in an attempt to market vaporizers to their customers.

One of the new marketing trends retail companies are used in order to sell their vaporizers to consumers are tour buses. While in the past, these have not been associated with marketing vaporizers they are now beginning to be used as a vehicle for marketing purposes. This has been attempted in Denver, Colorado, but with a twist. With the recent trend of using marijuana to relieve chronic pain, a tour bus now appears at local trade shows throughout Denver. Though at this time the tour bus has not been taken on a tour of Denver, its owner has hinted that may be a part of his future plans.

Promotional trucks, similar to the food trucks that have been gaining popularity in various cities throughout the United States are now being used to sell electronic cigarettes and vaporizers to consumers. In the summer of 2014 one suck promotional truck made the rounds in NYC, giving demonstrations of electronic cigarettes as well as vaporizers. Companies see this as an effective tool because it allows them to target consumers who may have an interest in learning more about vaporizers but simply haven’t had the time to travel to retail stores that sell them. A promotional truck often attracts attention in large cities such as New York because passersby see others engaged with the truck and are more compelled to stop and find out more about what the promotional truck has to market to them.

With so many people who are addicted to technology in today’s world one new trend in marketing vaporizers that has also proved effective are 3D vaporizers. The emerging technology of 3D printers has been used by companies to create vaporizers that tech savvy consumers flock to. The one issue with this is that now that companies can print out a 3D vaporizer consumers are beginning to purchase 3D printers and create their own vaporizers at home.

In addition to medical marijuana vaporizers being distributed via tour buses, 3D printers are also being used to create medical marijuana vaporizers and the government has no way to stop it. This is the one way in which new marketing trends regarding vaporizers could end up causing issues in the future. Aside from this hot debate topic, the marketing of vaporizers can only bring positive results to consumers throughout the country.

These three trends that retailers have discovered is helping them market vaporizers could give competing retailers a run for their money as these are all hands on marketing trends that most brick and mortar retailers haven’t thought to try. Other marketing trends may be created in an attempt to compete with other retailers.